FINDER 55-32-9-024-0040

The is a Plug-in mount General-purpose Relay with a DC coil. This 55 series relay has 2CO (DPDT) cadmium-free standard AgNi contacts and lockable test buttons with mechanical indicators. Suitable for 94-series sockets and comes with a European patent.


  • Coil EMC suppression
  • Dust-proof RT I standard protection rating


Manufacturer FINDER
Type of relay electromagnetic
Contacts configuration DPDT
Rated coil voltage 24V DC
Contact current max. 20A
AC contacts rating @R(at resistive load) 10A / 250V AC
DC contacts rating @R(at resistive load) 10A / 30V DC
Switched voltage max. 220V DC, max. 400V AC
Relay variant industrial
Mounting socket
Relay series 55.32
Operating temperature -40…85°C
Body dimensions 27.7×20.7×35.8mm
Coil resistance 600Ω
Coil current 40mA
Contact material AgNi
Coil power consumption 1W
Leads 2,8×0,5mm connectors
Related items 94.12, 94.02

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