PHOENIX CONTACT PLC-RSC-24UC-21-21 (2967073)

PHOENIX CONTACT PLC-RSC-24UC-21-21 PLC-INTERFACE, consisting of basic terminal block PLC-BSC…/21 with screw connection.



PLC-INTERFACE, consisting of basic terminal block PLC-BSC…/21 with screw connection and plug-in miniature relay with power contact, for assembly on DIN rail NS 35/7,5, 2 changeover contacts, input voltage 24 V AC/DC.

Product type Relay Module
Application Universal
Operating mode 100% operating factor
Mechanical service life 3x 107 cycles
Insulation characteristics
Overvoltage category III
Pollution degree 3
Insulation Safe isolation: Control side / contact side
Electrical properties
Maximum power dissipation for nominal condition 0.42 W
Test voltage Winding/contact 4 kV AC (50 Hz, 1 min., winding/contact)
Test voltage Changeover contact/changeover contact 2.5 kV AC (50 Hz, 1 min., changeover contact/changeover contact)
Rated surge voltage 6 kV
Input data
Coil side
Nominal input voltage UN 24 V AC/DC
Input voltage range 20.6 V AC/DC … 33.6 V AC/DC (20 °C)
Typical input current at UN 17.5 mA (at UN = 24 V AC)
17.5 mA (at UN = 24 V DC)
Typical response time 8 ms
Typical release time 10 ms
Protective circuit Bridge rectifier; Bridge rectifier
Operating voltage display Yellow LED
Output data
Contact type 2 changeover contacts
Type of switch contact Single contact
Drive and function monostable
Drive (polarity) bipolar
Contact material AgNi
Maximum switching voltage 250 V AC/DC (The separating plate PLC-ATP should be installed for voltages larger than 250 V (L1, L2, L3) between identical terminal blocks in adjacent modules. Potential bridging is then carried out with FBST 8-PLC… or …FBST 500…)
Minimum switching voltage 5 V AC/DC (10 mA)
Limiting continuous current 6 A
Maximum inrush current 15 A (300 ms)
Min. switching current 10 mA (5 V)
Interrupting rating (ohmic load) max. 140 W (at 24 V DC) 85 W (at 48 V DC) 60 W (at 60 V DC) 44 W (at 110 V DC) 60 W (at 220 V DC) 1500 VA (for 250 V AC)
Switching capacity 2 A (at 24 V, DC13) 3 A (at 24 V, AC15) 3 A (at 120 V, AC15) 0.2 A (at 250 V, DC13) 3 A (at 250 V, AC15)

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