The Allen-Bradley 1734-OE2C is a POINT IO module that features Two (2) single-ended, non-isolated Current output channels. Each channel is configurable for 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA output signals with absolute accuracy of 0.1% Full Scale @ 25 Deg. Celsius. It is compatible with any POINT IO communication adapter for implementing distributed I/O architecture. This module requires 1734-TB, 1734-TBS, 1734-TB3, 17340TB3S wiring base assemblies.

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Brand Allen-Bradley
Status indicators 1 green/red module status indicator, logic side 1 green/red network status indicator, logic side 2 green/red output status indicators, logic side
Module Location 1734-TB, 1734-TBS, 1734-TB3, 17340TB3S wiring base assembly
Keyswitch position 4.00E+00
Enclosure type rating None (open-style)
Dimensions 56 x 12 x 75.5 mm (2.2 x 0.47 x 2.97 in.)
Power Dissipation 750 ? load on each output – 1.23 W 0? load on each output – 1.83 W
Current Draw 75 mA @5V dc
Data Format Signed Integer
Converter Type Digital to analog converter
Step Response (63% of FS) 24 µs
Absolute Accuracy 0.1% Full Scale @ 25 Deg. Celsius
Output signal 0-20 mA; 4-20 mA
No. of outputs Two (2) Single-ended, non-isolated channels
Part Number/Catalog No. 1734-OE2C
Series POINT I/O
Module Type Analog Output Module
Conversion Rate 16µs
Resolution 13 bits – over 0-21mA 2.5µA/cnt (average value – typical range: 2.3…2.7µA/cnt)
Outputs 2 Single-Ended, Non-Isolated
Supply Voltage 24 Volts DC
Output Current 4-20 or 0-20 milliamps
Isolation Voltage 50 Volts Continuous
Conversion Type Digital-Analog
POINTBus Current 75 milliamps (at 5 Volts DC)
Enclosure Open
Dimensions (H x W x L) 2.21 x 0.47 x 2.97 inches
Weight 1.27 ounces (36 grams)
Operating Temperature -20-55 Celsius
UPC 10612598205292

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