The Allen-Bradley 1734-EP24DC is a Point I/O expansion power supply. This module supports installation Four (4) to Seventeen (17) modules. It has an input voltage rating of 24VDC nominal with voltage range of 10-28.8VDC. This module provides POINTBus output Current of 1 A @ 10-19.2V input and 1.3 A @ 19.2-28.8V input for horizontal mounting and 1 A @ 10-28.8V input for vertical mounting.

This power supply is dark grey, and the dark grey colour of the expansion power supply enables easy visual inspection and identification. You can use a power supply expansion unit with a POINT I/O adapter to assemble the system in full. The 1734-EP24DC expansion unit is compatible with 1734 POINT I/O adapters.

The Allen-Bradley 1734-EP24DC Power supply expansion unit passes the 24V DC electric field to the I/O module on the right side. This power supply expansion unit extends the backplane bus power up to 17 I/O modules on the right side of the supply. This power supply creates a new field voltage partition segment for the field drive device. The 1734-EP24DC separates field power from the I/O module to the left of the unit.

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Thermal Dissipation 10 BTU/hour
Isolation Voltage 50 Volts Continuous
Inrush Current 6 amps for 10 milliseconds
Overvoltage Protection Reverse Polarity
Power Supply Current 10 amps
Power Consumption 9.8 Watts
Field Power 24 Volts DC
Module Type Expansion Power Supply
Series POINT I/O
Part Number/Catalog No. 1734-EP24DC
Brand Allen-Bradley
Mounting Horizontal / Vertical
POINTBus output current Horizontal mounting – 1 A @ 10…19.2V input; 1.3 A @ 19.2…28.8V input Vertical mounting – 1 A @ 10…28.8V input
Power Dissipation 3 Watts
UPC 10612598206879

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