• Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Suitable for food processing industry only in combination with BP 15 SS
  • Particularly large switching distance
  • Ø M 18 x 1
  • Long life
  • no mechanical wear
  • Insensitive to transverse misalignment
  • Insensitive to soiling
  • uncodiert, verdeckter Einbau gem. ISO 14119
Standards BG-GS-ET-14EN IEC 60947-5-3
Coding level according to EN ISO 14119 None
Working principle Magnetic drive
Installation conditions (mechanical) quasi-flush
Enclosure material Glass-fibre, reinforced thermoplastic
Gross weight 50 g
Number of normally closed (NC) 1
Number of normally open (NO) 1
Number of safety contacts 2
Number of cable wires 4
B10D– Value Normally-closed contact/Normally open contact (NC/NO) 25,000,000 Operations
Actuating element Magnet
Switching distance actuator Actuating magnet BP 6, Sao: 10 mmActuating magnet BP 6, Sar: 22 mmActuating magnet BP 8, Sao: 10 mmActuating magnet BP 8, Sar: 22 mmActuating magnet BP 10, Sao: 20 mmActuating magnet BP 10, Sar: 32 mmActuating magnet BP 15 SS, Sao: 20 mmActuating magnet BP 15 SS, Sar: 32 mm
Direction of motion Head-on to the active surface
Assured switching distance “ON” Sao 10 mm-20 mm
Assured switching distance “OFF” Sar 22 mm-32 mm
Termination Cable
Length of cable 1 m
Wire cross-section 0.25 mm2
Wire cross-section 23 AWG
Material of the Cable mantle PVC
ISO thread of the sensor M18
Length of sensor 36 mm
Degree of protection IP67
Ambient temperature, minimum -25 °C
Ambient temperature, maximum +70 °C
Storage and transport temperature, minimum -25 °C
Storage and transport temperature, maximum +70 °C
Resistance to vibrations 10 … 55 Hz, amplitude 1 mm
Restistance to shock 30 g / 11 ms
Switching voltage, maximum 100 VAC
Switching voltage, maximum 100 VDC
Switching current, maximum 0.25 A
Switching capacity, maximum 3 W
Switching frequency, maximum 5 Hz

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