Product Price
Standards BG-GS-ET-14EN IEC 60947-5-3
Coding level according to EN ISO 14119 Low
Working principle Magnetic drive
Installation conditions (mechanical) quasi-flush
Enclosure material Glass-fibre, reinforced thermoplastic
Gross weight 52 g
Number of normally closed (NC) 2
Number of safety contacts 2
Number of cable wires 4
B10D Normally-closed contact (NC) 25,000,000 Operations
Actuating element Magnet
Door hinge Right
Direction of motion Head-on to the active surface
Note (Switching distance Sn) Axial misalignment, a horizontal and vertical misalignment of the safety sensor and the actuator are tolerated. The possible misalignment depends on the distance of the active surfaces of the sensor and the actuator. The sensor remains active within the tolerance range.
Assured switching distance “ON” Sao 5 mm
Assured switching distance “OFF” Sar 15 mm
Termination Cable
Length of cable 1 m
Wire cross-section 0.25 mm2
Wire cross-section 23 AWG
Material of the Cable mantle PVC
Length of sensor 13 mm
Width of sensor 26 mm
Height of sensor 36 mm
Degree of protection IP67
Ambient temperature, minimum -25 °C
Ambient temperature, maximum +70 °C
Storage and transport temperature, minimum -25 °C
Storage and transport temperature, maximum +70 °C
Resistance to vibrations 10 … 55 Hz, amplitude 1 mm
Restistance to shock 30 g / 11 ms
Rated insulation voltage Ui 50 VAC
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 0.8 kV
Required rated short-circuit current 100 A
Switching voltage, maximum 75 VDC
Switching current, maximum 0.4 A
Switching capacity, maximum 10 VA
Switching frequency, maximum 5 Hz

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