SICK VL18L-4N324

SICK VL18L-4N324 Metal, Nickel plated brass (yellow)/PC

PC with protective glass made of plastic, glass material

Device type photo seller
Sensor/ Detection principle Reflective sensor, Dual lens
Dimensions (W x H x D) 18 mm x 18 mm x 97,7 mm
Body shape (light output) Cylindrical
body length 97,7 mm
Thread diameter (Housing) M18 x 1
optical axis Right
Maximum detection distance 0,1 m … 35 m 1)
Detection distance 0,1 m … 30 m 1)
Focus 0,04°
Light type Visible red light
Source of light Lazer 2)
Light beam diameter (distance) Ø 9 mm (35 m)
glow angle 0,04°
wave length 650 nm
laser class 1 (IEC 60825-1)
Laser output power 0,4 mW
Adjustment Cable (Sensitivity) 3)Easy teach key (Sensitivity) 4)
Special applications Detects small objects
Supply voltage 10 V DC … 30 V DC 1)
Signal transport ± 10 % 2)
Current consumption 20 mA 3)
Switching output NPN
Switching type Switching with light/dark
Switching type can be selected Can be selected via control input C
Output current I max. ≤ 100 mA
Reaction time ≤ 0,625 ms 4)
Switching frequency 800 Hz 5)
Connection type Socket M12, 4-pin
Protection circuits A 6)B 7)C 8)D 9)
Protection class III
Weight 60 g
Polarizing filter
Body material Metal, Nickel plated brass (yellow)/PC
Material, optics PC with protective glass made of plastic, glass material
Protection class IP67
Working ambient temperature –15 °C … +55 °C
Storage ambient temperature –25 °C … +70 °C

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