PHOENIX CONTACT PLC-RSC-24UC-21-21 ( 2967073 )

PHOENIX CONTACT PLC-RSC-24UC-21-21 PLC-INTERFACE, consisting of basic terminal block PLC-BSC…/21 with screw connection.

PLC-INTERFACE, consisting of basic terminal block PLC-BSC…/21 with screw connection and plug-in miniature relay with power contact, for assembly on DIN rail NS 35/7,5, 2 changeover contacts, input voltage 24 V AC/DC

Product Details
Product type Relay Module
Application Universal
Operating mode 100% operating factor
Mechanical service life 3x 107 cycles
Overvoltage category III
Pollution degree 3
Insulation Safe isolation: Control side / contact side
Electrical properties
Maximum power dissipation for nominal condition 0.42 W
Test voltage Winding/contact 4 kV AC (50 Hz, 1 min., winding/contact)
Test voltage Changeover contact/changeover contact 2.5 kV AC (50 Hz, 1 min., changeover contact/changeover contact)
Rated surge voltage 6 kV
Input data
Coil side Coil side
Nominal input voltage UN Nominal input voltage UN
Input voltage range Input voltage range
Typical input current at UN Typical input current at UN
17.5 mA (at UN = 24 V DC) 17.5 mA (at UN = 24 V DC)
Typical response time Typical response time
Typical release time Typical release time
Protective circuit Protective circuit
Operating voltage display Operating voltage display
Output data
Contact type 2 changeover contacts
Type of switch contact Single contact
Drive and function monostable
Drive (polarity) bipolar
Contact material AgNi
Maximum switching voltage 250 V AC/DC (The separating plate PLC-ATP should be installed for voltages larger than 250 V (L1, L2, L3) between identical terminal blocks in adjacent modules. Potential bridging is then carried out with FBST 8-PLC… or …FBST 500…)
Minimum switching voltage 5 V AC/DC (10 mA)
Limiting continuous current 6 A
Maximum inrush current 15 A (300 ms)
Min. switching current 10 mA (5 V)
Interrupting rating (ohmic load) max. 140 W (at 24 V DC) 85 W (at 48 V DC) 60 W (at 60 V DC) 44 W (at 110 V DC) 60 W (at 220 V DC) 1500 VA (for 250 V AC)
Switching capacity 2 A (at 24 V, DC13) 3 A (at 24 V, AC15) 3 A (at 120 V, AC15) 0.2 A (at 250 V, DC13) 3 A (at 250 V, AC15)

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