• STOP 0 Function
• 1 oder 2-channel control
• Start button / Auto-start
• 3 safety contacts
• 1 Auxiliary contact

Enclosure material Glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic, ventilated
Material of the contacts, electrical Ag-Ni, self-cleaning, positive drive
Gross weight 175 g
Electronic Fuse Yes
Wire breakage detection Yes
Cross-circuit detection Yes
Removable Terminals Yes
Start input Yes
Feedback circuit Yes
Automatic reset function Yes
Reset edge detection Yes
Earth connection detection Yes
Integral system diagnostics, status Yes
Integral system diagnostics, error code Yes
Number of auxiliary contacts 1
Number of LEDs 5
Number of normally closed (NC) 2
Number of normally open (NO) 1
Number of Safety contacts, STOP 0 3
Performance Level, up to e
Category 4
Diagnostic Coverage (DC) Level > 94 %
Safety Integrity Level (SIL), suitable for applications in 3

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