CUMARK ES355-B0-0K7G-3

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Vector inverter (frequency converter) Cumark ES 355 is designed for simple applications.
It has, among others:

-4 digital inputs (PNP, NPN, DI 4- fast counting input 60Hz)

-1 analog input (0~+10V/4~20mA)

– STO input (SIL/SILCL 2; PLd CAT3)

-1 high-speed output DO1, 60kHz & pulse generator 0~50Hz

-1 analog output (0~+10V/4~20mA)

-1 NO/NC selection relay output

– Modbus and optionally CAN communication

-advanced PID controller

-built-in PLC logic

-built-in EMC filter

– the ability to connect an external LCD keyboard

+ software for configuring and monitoring the drive from a PC 

APPLICATION: woodworking, packaging machines, liquid pumps, woodworking, food processing, logistics industry, ventilation systems, textile industry.

ES Low Voltage Drives are a world-class product series with high performance, precision and built-in visionary intelligent system architecture.Suitable for asynchronous, synchronous, permanent magnet synchronous PMSM and reluctance synchronous motors.
Widely used in industrial transportation, textile, paper, chemical, rubber and plastic industries, metal processing, mining, agriculture, water treatment, industrial ventilation, air purification and other areas.

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